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6 Tips for a Successful Baby Photoshoot

Many local families in Cabo have hired me to do their newborn baby photoshoots. Additionally, I also work with families who are coming to town with their babies. Here are a few key takeaway’s I have learned over the years of baby photography.

Tip #1 Find The Right Photographer For Your Baby

It’s so important that you pick a photographer who loves babies. Maybe this is an obvious suggestion, but I highly recommend that you find a photographer you and your baby will love. People’s energies are so important around little babies, and therefore, you want to work with someone that you know will have the patience, kindness and the empathy that’s needed to pull off a perfect photo shoot for your family.

One way of finding your chosen photographer is look through the websites of the photographers in the area you will be having your photoshoot. If they have a good selection of baby photo shoots already on their website then chances are, they work well with babies!
Another strategy is to make a point of contacting Cabo photographers via email or phone to get a feel for their personality. Believe me, not everyone is a baby person. Personally, I adore babies. I have three small children of my own. My youngest is one year old. I am very comfortable working with babies and infants on their first photo shoots.

Tip #2 Make Sure Baby Is Ready For Photo Day

No matter if you’re planning on doing an indoor or outdoors baby photoshoot in Cabo, try to figure out the best time of the day when your baby is the well-rested and content so that he or she will be a willing participant. An amazing baby photo shoot can with a newborn can be achieved in one to two hours. So try to make sure that baby is well fed, well rested, has a clean diaper on, and that you have chosen a really good location where baby is going to be happy.

Tip #3 Happy Baby

This goes hand in hand with the second tip, although when I talk about baby’s happiness, I’m referring to doing everything that you possibly can to ensure that your baby will be happy. Make sure that you have fed and burped your baby really well, washed and cleaned him or her for the big day. The last thing you want to do is bring an angry baby to a photo shoot. It never ends well. 😉
Another idea is make sure that you choose clothing that baby feels comfortable unconstrained in.
If you want to have images with different outfits on the baby, make sure that you’re picking things that won’t stress the baby out to get changed in and out of all the time.
Also, you want to make sure you’re appropriately prepared to take care of clothing changes as and when they’re needed. That means perhaps you need to bring a baby mat with you or some other kind of baby equipment.

Tip #4 Preparation Is Key

Preparation is key for any photo shoot, but especially for infant baby shoots. What we mean by that is have a think about the different types of baby poses that you want to recreate. Jump on Pinterest and get some inspiration from other moms who have done a successful infant baby shoot. Perhaps take a browse through some baby websites.
However you choose to get your inspiration, write down a list of poses that you would love to incorporate into your baby photoshoot. Email them to your photographer ahead of time, so you won’t forget any and he or she will be able to plan the time you spend together wisely.

Tip #5 Don’t Forget To Prepare Yourself

Mom is normally the one organizing this event and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen panic set in when she realized she forgot to take care of herself in the middle of it all. Assuming you want to be in some of the images with your baby, don’t forget to prepare yourself for the day!

So, make that appointment at the hairdresser. Choose your outfit and have it ready to go. Enlist the help of a friend, your husband, or a reliable person that you know can provide a shoulder to carry some items to your photo shoot. Someone who is there to lend an extra hand so you don’t feel overwhelmed on your baby’s big day.

Tip #6 Bring Props

The final tip I have for a successful baby photo shoot is bringing props. You can either bring props
from your own home or you can use local baby equipment rental companies, like Baby Baja Gear. This is a company that we’ve worked with personally and professionally for over seven years now.
Baja Baby Gear supplies all sorts of premium sterile equipment, including beautiful co-sleepers, full size cribs with organic bedding, all types of baby bouncer chairs.
If you’re bringing your baby down from the United States and you’re not bringing your own equipment with you, then renting equipment is a great option. You can hold onto it for the week of your vacation and make sure baby is nice and comfortable in it.

If you would like to contact me directly to discuss a baby photo shoot in Cabo San Lucas, you can reach out to me by email at, or you can go to my website and contact me there. I love photographing infants. It’s a very special time in a family’s life and I’m excited to work with you on your next project.

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